Blueberry breakfast & My dream morning routine

My dream scenario when it comes to morning routine / breakfast: 

I wake up by the smell of coffee with a hint of cardamum. The coffee maker makes small bubbling sounds in the background. A sound to recognize. I pour up a bottle of cold water, preferably with a little lemon and hit the shower. My morning showers are always super hot, I love to feel all my senses wake up in there while I still feel that my body is bed soft. But the best part, drinking the ice cold water in the hot shower and noticing how I get energized inside and out. Here's a confession: Without my morning water I'm a monster. 

After the shower I just put on something cozy. I crab some coffee with Oatly Ikaffe (Creamy oat milk) that I sip on while I prepare the breakfast. I've already prepared a pan with oats, cinnamon and salt the day before and melted some berries. I can easily get started by pouring in the water and cook it while stirring. I top my oats off with anything I have available at the moment, nuts, seeds, grated coconut, peanut butter, almond milk, a little honey and berries and some vanilla powder. To this I have boiled or scrambled eggs with some avocado, spinach and coriander. 

I eat slooow. I read stuff. I look at stuff. I plan my day. And then I start getting ready. Put on the clothes I've already planned out before and get out the door, still with wet hair. Wet hair, don't care! 

 This is obviously a dream scenario. In real life I run around putting my make up on, burn the oats, spill blueberries on my white shirt, have to change, drink up my coffee before I eat so I get super shaky and nervous. I forget about making my eggs so the oats turns cold before the eggs are finished and I've had the chance to take a photo of it all. But one can always dream that one day the routines will be there. Can


This breakfast however was almost like my dream scenario. It tend to get that way when I work at home and the truth is, I'm never as productive as after a morning like this. 

It looks good, what is it? 

Blueberry oats: 

Cook your oats, add blueberries and stir. Top with berries, nut butter, coconut and plant milk of your choice. 

Spicy scramble: 

Heat butter. Scramble the eggs. Top with sriracha sauce and coriander. 

What's your dream morning routine?