Let's talk about...



Food For Flow - Food that are full of flavours, nutritious and real

Move For Flow - MOVEMENTS that are strengtheninG and relieving

Mood For Flow - Thoughts and attitudes that contribute to awareness and positivity




I'm easily fascinated, curious and have a strong belief in what we with our own ability can achieve with ourselves and our health. We can actually feel really really good. Just start with taking step numero uno. This is a luxury that is easily fo rgotten and in my blog I want to talk more about that. 

Since I began to study food and nutrition in 2009 I have thought an awful lot about health and what that term really means (soon up to 10,000 hours). The description I've finally landed in is one word... Flow! 

I'm a true nature junkie and mountain girl. You can find me in the mountains! 





Health is an experienced flow in all or most parts of life.
A feeling that everything flows as the water, and in times
when that's not the case, health is also that you know
what to do and how think to get back to flow.