Are smoothies really healthy?


I often get the question 'Are smoothies really healthy?' and as often with questions around healthy eating it's not black and white


Fruits are fruits. If it's made of fresh fruits, berries and veggies - yes, it's highly nutritious and therefor healthy. If you tend to forget, or are not a fan of fruit, go ahead and have your smoothie to get your daily fruits in.


The thing with smoothies is that you can easily squeeze and blend a lot of fruits in that you usually wouldn't manage to eat in it's natural whole form, and fruits are sugary so squeezing them into a smoothie that is easy to drink up will quickly add up to a lot of sugar.

Food that are more filling per calorie or per amount of nutrients are preferred. The better option is to eat the whole fruits, but if that's a bit tricky for you, you can absolutely make sure to get your vitamins, antioxidants and fibers from your smoothie which is better than not having any fruits at all.

Don't skip the smoothie just because you've heard the whole fruits are better. Don't let perfect be good enough's enemy.