5 benefits of trying a new exercise

Routines are important and probably everyone feel like they want to get into a more steady routine with exercise and healthy eating. Consistency is definitely what's doing the real magic but routines and consistency doesn't have to mean that you do the exact same thing every Thursday at 18 PM. The same running route or same set of exercises. If you like it, I'm not gonna be the one to tell you differently but and it can be very useful to just to build up the habit to exercise at all but it can easily bring out the fun of it.

I've realised that the fun runs is just as important as the in-detail-planned intervalls and qualitative long runs. Today, just out of habit I could've gone out for that regular 10K route like I've done so many times before. I know what to expect, I know how long it takes, how tough it is and how I will feel afterwards. I decided to changed things up into something I've never done before.... 


A Pleasure run

  • 5 min jog
  • 5 hill sprints
  • Outdoor gym 1: Deadlifts & Dips
  • 10 more minutes running. Sprinting in all the hills I passed.
  • Outdoor gym 2: Shoulder press & Leg lifts 
  • 10 min run
  • Outdoor gym 3: Bench press & Bench row
  • 10 min run
  • Outdoor gym 4: Squats & Box step ups


The 5 most interesting things I got out of it

  1. More fun - You take the pressure out of it and the exercise in itself will get more playful and creative. Just do what comes to your mind in the moment. Nothing's too silly, except your thoughts that it would look silly.  
  2. Reduced friction - For me friction is knowing that it's going to be horrible but when there's no expectations and you've never done it before you take the friction out of it as well. 
  3. Changed attitude - At least I experience that if I change things up, I change expectations, and when there's no expectations it's easier to just flow with it. Lower expectations - less likely you're going to be disappointed.
  4. Surprise factor - I love the endorphins you get by trying a new exercise. Both physically as your body becomes a little shocked trying something new but also mentally, the new routine gives you a kick that I appreciate enormously. The surprise factor give you the opportunity to actually find something new that you love! 
  5. A good mood flow - When you spice up your day and season it with some playfulness you're more likely to bring that feeling into the rest of your day. Better self esteem, experience immediate growth and ready to tackle other new things. 

All of them are linked to making small changes in the expectations one has before the workout.

Pleasure runs
instead of
Pressure runs