How food affects your mood and why it's important to get a food flow

Yes, your diet can help put you in a good mood. Choose your food wisely, prepare them with some thought behind it and don’t waste your energy on the unnecessary. 


Choice - Choose foods that do you well. Basically I pick foods from 3 categories when I meal prep.

1. Smart carbs like quinoa, sweet potato, fruits, vegetables, berries and beans.

2. Brain foods high in healthy fats like fish (salmon / mackerel), seeds, nuts, oils, avocado.

3. Filling proteins like fish, chicken, turkey or for me that mostly eats vegetarian beans, legumes, quorn, soy that will keep you full for longer. Not being hungry all the time, drastically improves your mood. 


Preparation - It’s basically about making as much of your food as you can ahead. I promise, nothing will boost your mood better than this. First of all the feeling of accomplishment when you have everything ready and your life doesn’t have to revolve around your next meal - FLOW! You also make sure that you stick to the good choices, and helps you avoid the sushi take away night after night. 


Wasted energy - Constantly thinking about food, if its good or bad, if you should feel guilty, what others are eating, what you should eat for dinner, getting hangry and start fighting over something silly just because you’re low on energy. Spend the energy you put on food wisely and your mood will "stay wise".