Immune system down


No mood for flow over here!  
It's so weird. I'm sick again. A flu or a cold or whatever, I don't care. The past year I've been sick almost once every month, it's been colds, stomach flu, migraine - I'm so tired of having to leave work feeling sorry for myself with yet another kind of flu. 

They say some people tend to notice these things more easily, almost like they create it themselves. While other people just tend to push through it's just a runny nose and a little fever. But no, I've tested myself, many many times. I've gone to work with this feeling of, naahh, it's probably nothing, it will probably just get sorted out a few hours after I wake up but it never does.

Off course it's obvious to me when I think about it - it's just stress showing it's nasty face in a new way. This is what I usually do in a viscous cycle: 

  1. I keep stressing too much
  2. I try to relieve the stress by exercising which is just yet another stressor for the body but it works very well in the moment.
  3. I get sick
  4. I rest for a few days
  5. I feel good again
  6. Then it's starting all over again

So once again I need to make some changes. I'm just not sure what. Any ideas are welcome! <3