Winter run: Långholmen & Vinterviken

This weekend was b-e-a-utiful! I've missed the sun so much I've gone a little mad so obviously we went out for a run on Saturday when the sun showed up. 

We usually just run the same route out of habit but this time we felt like exploring new hoods so we headed towards Hornstull, down under Västerbron, around Långholmen, everything crispy and beautifully covered in snow.


Then we headed back to Liljeholmen and towards one of my favorite places in Stockholm - Vinterviken.

We've been spending a lot of time out here, swimming, having picnic's, barbecuing, fishing, watching the sunset, feeding the swans and when I was having a time off work I went down here to do my morning yoga a few times.


I know, we look like two cross country nerds, I'll give you that but I mean let's embrace who you really are? Right ;)


Long time ago I felt so energized on a Monday. Running really is my favorite kind of rest and recovery. 

Tomorrow - Hill sprint time!